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BRUNCH OF SHAME, EST/Youngblood January Brunch

Sunday, January 3, I'm invited back to EST for their January, shame-themed brunch.

Tickets here. Here's the lineup.

SHAME: A PARABLE By Alex Borinsky Directed by Dara Malina With Dylan Dawson*, Arielle Goldman, Alex Grubbs, Jason Liebman*, and Shawn Randall*

SINVERGUËNZA By Christina Quintana Directed by Courtney Ulrich With Jonathan Hooks, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Mike Smith Rivera*, Nathaniel Wade, and Akyiaa Wilson

TIGHTY-WHITIES! By Cary Gitter Directed Colette Robert* With Will Dagger, Debbie Lee Jones*, Artem Kreimer, Debargo Sanyal*, and Jonathan Randell Silver*

IN YOUR GUT By Christopher Sullivan Directed by John Giampietro* With Denny Bess*, Jared McGuire*, and Keilly McQuail

LINUS AND MURRAY By Leah Nanako Winkler Directed by RJ Tolan* With Curran Connor* and Ethan Hova*

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