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GUARDS AT THE TAJ at Woolly Mammoth

India, 1648: two imperial guards watch as the sun rises over the newly-completed Taj Mahal, an awe-inspiring monument to the emperor’s dead queen. But awe gives way to terror when the guards are given a new assignment: to perform a bloody task whose grisly aftermath will force them to question the very ideas of beauty, responsibility, and friendship.

Guards at the Taj—from playwright Rajiv Joseph and director John Vreeke, the team that brought us Gruesome Playground Injuries—is a tragicomic fable as hilarious as it is horrifying. Beauty has a price. Are we willing to pay it?

We run the entire month of February at the legendary Woolly Mammoth in Washington, DC. I can't wait to start rehearsals. Expect lots more updates once I arrive in early January!

More info, and tickets, here.

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