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HIGHLY SUSPECT, a workshop at The New Group

A comedy about two oddly matched roommates in Brooklyn: a young love-lorn Arab-American pothead named Muhammad Muhammad, and Cassius, a brilliant, high-strung ex-con who sells his organic muffins at the Farmer's Market. As their grip on their lives begins to slip, they both go to absurd lengths to pull themselves, and each other, out of their funks. A story of finding allies where you least expect them.

Highly Suspect

by Ghazi Albuliwi

directed by Ian Morgan

with Ghazi Albuliwi, Ethan Hova, Sal Inzerillo, Ronete Levenson, John Douglas Thompson, and Dov Tiefenbach

Originally a reading as part of the New Group/New Works program, a grant from the Kevin Spacey Foundation is allowing The New Group to produce a three performance workshop of Ghazi Albuliwi's newest comedy:

We perform December 10-12. More details and RSVP information here!

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